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The Team


With over 30 years at the helm of his own business, Tim Gibney has a long-standing reputation in the civil and structural engineering industry. Tim was a graduate and later lecturer at Swinburne University, and is a member of ACSEV, Engineers Australia as well as a Committee Member of the Foundation and Footings Society of Victoria (FFSV). He has completed numerous expert’s reports for VCAT matters, appearing as an Expert Witness at several hearings. He is also a member of the Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association Inc. (AALARA), and one of only a few registered amusement ride inspectors, conducting both annual and set-up inspections all over Australia.



Long-time business partner and now Co-Director of TGA, Rob Nestic brings over 20 years experience and expert knowledge to our suite of engineers. After graduating with Honours from Monash University, Rob pursued his love of timber both conducting research and publishing literature on engineered wood products, and regularly presenting at seminars and conferences.  His love of timber has continued as he spent time designing, fabricating and installing unique timber projects, including prefabricated panelised houses, large post and beam structures (RMIT), a curved timber dome (Swinburne), and residential timber-concrete-composite (TCC) flooring systems. Rob is also a Corporate member of ACSEV,



The latest addition to our list of Senior Engineers is Dr. Hussein Sadiq, who has earned himself a doctorate in Civil/Structural Engineering and experience lecturing at Monash University. With an unrivalled passion for numbers, Hussein specialises in our more technical testing and reporting, including Finite Element Analysis, Strand7 Geometric 2D & 3D modelling. Some significant past projects include frangibility testing for electricity pole reinforcements, capacity testing for an international screw distributor and design of a rotating indoor snow tunnel.