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About us

TGA Engineers’ brings together the longstanding reputation of Co-Directors’ Tim Gibney and Rob Nestic with over fifty years industry experience behind them covering all aspects of the civil and structural engineering business. With this broad range of knowledge and practice in the building and construction industry, we provide detailed design plans & computations for a variety of projects including the design of domestic housing, commercial and industrial buildings and unique one-off design projects requiring specialist engineering.

To achieve this our office utilises the latest computer software packages for analysis, design and drafting, such as Microstran 2D & 3D structural analysis packages, along with Strand7 Finite Element modelling and AutoCAD Robot structural analysis.

We are recognised for our ability to provide a fully integrated engineering service, includes foundations, steel, concrete and masonry to compliment the timber components; this enables and ensures that the design intent flows through all aspects of the structure.


TGA Engineers also supply fabricated building components utilising engineered timber and panel products. TGA specialise in detailed timber structures using Engineered Wood Products (EWP). Our capabilities include structural design, estimation, fabrication; shop detailing and CNC controlled machining, which allows for high degree processing with tolerances in the order of ± 0.5mm.

Providing timber building systems requires careful assessment of the architectural intent in order to determine the most appropriate system. Our in-house detailing and fabrication of timber components allows for consistent precise systems that eliminate delays. Our company is committed to analyse, design and fabricate timber products to strict deadlines to generate accurate, creative, innovative and economical structural solutions.

TGA Engineers is also committed to sourcing materials that are sustainably grown and processed, recognizing that our climate and environment is vulnerable to human activity and timber products can contribute to minimizing and improving our environment in the long term.