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TCC or Timber Concrete Composite is exactly what the name suggests as an alternative to steel decking/formwork for pouring concrete. TCC is a unique structural system comprising of our innovative shear connectors embedded into the joist with a screed of concrete and reinforcing mesh laid over the top. Through our innovative shear connectors we can engage the concrete in composite with the timber joists, resulting in a highly efficient structural system. Standard building practices can be adopted for fixing of linings, etc. to the underside of the floor. Depths of the floor structure can vary and can be determined at the design stage.


Advantages of TCC:

  • Reduced floor depths and joist sizes by engaging concrete into the structural system.
  • CNC-cut structural plywood also acts as permanent formwork, with little or no propping required.
  • Lighter structure, resulting in smaller footings and reduced costs.
  • Can be easily framed and poured by any carpenter without the need for concrete specialists.
  • Timber allows for easy adjustability on site should there be any conflicts.